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PIR Module NY920A
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PIR Motion Detector Model NY920A

The Model NY920A is designed to detect motion, mainly that of a man, in any battery operated device. Therefore, the size is comparatively small, and the current consumption is almost at a level of industrial use. The detection method resists the influence of wind or air flow so there are few false triggers. The detector is very cost competitive. 


Power Supply: 2.5V - 5V
Current Consumption (standby) 200A max. @ 3V Vdd
Sensitivity: 2 - 3 m depending on background condition.
Detecting Area: A circle of about 30cm dia. at 3m apart from the sensor element.
Working Temperature: -10 to +60C
Output: PNP open collector, 0.5A max. & peak 1.5A/0.1sec.
Duration of output: 1 sec approx with no synchronous signal input (this duration can be extended up to 30 sec approx by using different value of capacitor for Part No C6
Mask Time: 0.1sec approx.
Warm-up Time: 5 sec approx after power is applied.
Weight & Dimensions: Weight: 1.7g 
PCB: 25 X 33mm 
Height above PCB: 7mm. 
(This will be greater if output duration is increased by other value of C6). 
Height below PCB: 3mm. 
See diagrams.


1. The pyroelectric sensor element incorporated in the PCB is really heat sensitive. Therefore, operation will not be stable for some time after heat is added to the PCB such as when leads are soldered to the terminals.

2. Despite the foreword, the use of the detector in a uncased state may cause undesirable false triggering from air motion. The detector should be in a case for stable operation.

Dimension & Focal Distance
Pin Configuration

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